Saying goodbye to Renny

Today we had to take Renny back to Vizsla Rescue.  It was so hard.  Renata was just a little too attached to the two of us and started guarding us from Karma.  One of those bitch things — she wanted us all to herself!  But this behavior is a bit of a red flag, so she went on a trip to Kansas to work with Polly who is really good at the more challenging training issues.  Renata does LOVE Karma.  We have so many pictures of the two of them cuddled up in a dog bed together and they loved to play together too.  Their love for each other made Renny’s sudden behavior so surprising.  Hopefully, this is just a small bump in the road and Polly will either not see the same behavior or she’ll be able to fix it.  Renny Roo is going to make someone such a great dog someday.  She is so loyal and she loves her “owner” so hard!  We hope to get to visit with her again in the future — she definitely left a big hole in our hearts.

We love and miss you, Renny!

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