Scent Work in Topeka

What a whirlwind weekend! Because we aren’t sure when Cheeky is going to come in season, Jenny has been entering trials near and far in hopes of getting some titles wrapped up before her heat cycle. This last weekend, a Scent Work trial opportunity in Topeka had us hitting the road, and it definitely paid off!

Cheeky clearly finding Jenny’s scent to finish her SHDE title!

On Friday, Cheeky finished her Handler Discrimination Excellent title! She has gotten so easy to read when she is on Jenny’s scent versus anyone else’s. She also managed to pick up an Excellent Buried leg. Our agility instructor Beth, was also entered this weekend, so not only did we have crating company, but dinner company too! So after the trial we grabbed dinner together which always makes a road trip more fun!

Wrapping up her Excellent Buried title!

This trial didn’t offer any Master level classes, so Cheeky couldn’t move up to Master Handler Discrimination on Saturday. Instead, she picked up another Excellent leg; if you get to 10, you earn an “Elite” title, SHDEE, so she is on her way! She also qualified again in Excellent Buried to finish her second title of the weekend, SBE! We didn’t break tradition and again grabbed dinner with Beth before heading to the hotel.

The exterior search areas were so cool here!

Today was our best day yet! Cheeky kicked off the morning earning another Excellent Handler Discrimination leg in a really cool search of a house exterior. Then she had a fantastic Exterior search to pick up her final leg of Excellent Exteriors. That wrapped up her third title of the weekend, SEE! In the afternoon, she earned a bonus Buried qualify and then she finally finished her Advanced Container title! Cheeky gets very annoyed having to search bags in an obvious circle on the floor, so it’s been tough for us. With that final leg, Cheeky not only finished her SCA title, but also her OVERALL Scent Work Advanced title! Woo hoo!

Finally earning that last container leg!

We are SO super proud of Cheeky this weekend. The trial site was the coolest to date, the judges did an awesome job with fun (and challenging!) searches, and the Topeka Kennel Club with chair Kelli Bausch thought of EVERYTHING–including a photographer who took these great pictures! Cheeky had 8 qualifying runs. She placed 1st 5 times, 2nd once, 3rd once, and one Q she didn’t place because I dropped her leash and had a fault. Whoopsie. She’ll be bred at her next cycle, so we are enjoying competing while we can! Two weeks until agility!

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