Summertime in the Rockies

BUSY weekend.  We kicked off Friday night by attending the annual (Marc’s) office outing to a Rockies game. It was so much fun.  The Rocks haven’t been so great this year, BUT tonight they were unstoppable.  Three home runs and a victory over the Twins.  Great way to start a weekend!

Saturday Jenny hustled down to Castle Rock with Karma where we didn’t pick up any Qs, but still had some great runs.  After the trial we headed over to our friends’, Bruce and Angela, home for the Mile High Sporting Dog Fanciers summer picnic.  Since we were coming straight from agility, they were nice enough to let Jenny bring Karma too.  Karma had a great time visiting with all the picnic go-ers and tried squishing her face for burgers and hot dogs.  She may have gotten lucky a few times…  The club is getting ready for our Fall specialty show and even already started prepping for our February show and agility trial.  It’s probably going to be here before we know it!

Sunday we were back down to Castle Rock and today we left with a Q in Jumpers and 13 MACH points!  Just chipping away at those National points!  Last year we still needed over 250 MACH points to qualify for Nationals — as of today we only lack 129.  Definitely a big improvement!

JWW Run:  And I hope you can hear the commentary — I love stressing my coach out 🙂

After agility, Marc met us on the South side of Denver, so Jenny could head West and work her shift at the annual Rx Pet Dog Wash.  All proceeds raised are donated back to Children’s Hospital in support of the therapy dog program.  We were there for the last shift and it was nice to be there for the final tally.  $2014 raised and 100 dogs washed!  What is extra cool — the wash only costs between $8 – $16 depending on the size of your dog…so that means we averaged about $20 a dog.  It restores your faith in humanity when people are willing to chip in a few extra bucks as a donation to a good cause 🙂

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