Tricks & Treats in Cali!

After horsing around in Wyoming with Jamie last weekend, Karma and Jenny packed their bags and headed to California for a weekend of agility to celebrate Jenny’s birthday.  And to kick off the weekend, the latest powerscore rankings had just been released, naming Karma as the 2nd fastest 20” Vizsla in the country with Jamie’s Tokaji right at her heels at #3!

Jamie LOVES playing hostess, and she is one of the best around!  When we landed on Friday, Chuck picked us up from the airport and shuttled us straight to the house to drop off bags and let Karma play with her Vizsla family (Karma’s Daddy was bred by Jamie.)  Then we headed over to Nordstrom to grab lunch and some birthday shopping.  Then it was over to the agility site to set-up (Jamie’s club the South Coast Vizsla Club was hosting) and make sure everything was in order for the morning.

After set-up, we headed back to Jamie’s and met up with Susan.  Susan also serves on the Vizsla Club of America Board of Directors and Jenny hasn’t had much one-on-one time with Susan.  This weekend would change all that!  We kicked it off with a trip to downtown Claremont for Violets — Jenny’s absolute favorite martini.  Then after a cocktail (or maybe two) we walked back to Jamie’s for a yummy dinner topped off with a gorgeous orange cake Jamie had baked for the occasion.  Told you she was the best hostess!!

Saturday was a long day as we worked from dawn till the last Novice class and then headed home to hand out candy to the trick or treaters.  Since we got home later in the evening, Jamie headed straight to the kitchen to make her famous cilantro chicken and Jenny and Karma took candy duty.  Karma was a hit.  We set up an Xpen around the front door and kids who weren’t scared of dogs could reach over/thru the fencing to scratch her ears or get their fingers licked.  For kiddos who were scared, Karma had a little dog bed she would do a down stay in while they got candy — but it’s fair to say she converted a few kiddos!  And Jamie’s house was a huge hit because we gave out FULL SIZE candy bars!.  The first few hours of trick or treating, Jenny passed out candy and sipped on a margartia (or a QQrita as we like to call them) and after dinner we switched to coffee with Baileys with dessert!  It was a fabulous night to be sure!

Today we treated the girls to some Starbucks puppicinos to start the day, ran and worked all the classes, and then just in the nick of time, swooped off to the airport to make the short flight home.  It was a perfect birthday weekend spent with some pretty perfect friends! 🙂