Vizsla Club of America National Field Trial

Madams Secretary — Jenny (VCA Recording Secretary) and Jamie (VCA Corresponding Secretary) turning in our agility shoes for riding boots at the Vizsla Club of America’s National Field Trial.

Ever feel like even after 2 hot showers you are still dirty?  Us too.  This week was full of mud, sweat, horse hair, and dog slobber.  And while it made for very long days, it was pretty fun too!

The Vizsla Club of America held it’s National Field Trial just outside of Cheyenne this year.  And since it was relatively (2 hours away ain’t nothin’ out West!) in our backyard, we were able to pitch in more than we ever have this year.  And since Jenny’s territory for work includes Wyoming, it was easy enough to schedule appointments in Cheyenne and help out all the hard working VCA volunteers too.

For the last week, Jenny has been shuttling judges to and from DIA, taking judges to dinner, lending an ear to VCA members who wanted to share their opinion on our breed and where it is headed, organizing the rosettes, keeping the VCA Facebook page up-to-date (literally walking around grass fields with her phone above her head trying to find a signal,) serving as the Board member for our Qualifying on the Line procedures, taking pictures, and just generally helping out wherever it was needed.  We had some rain, camp got a bit muddy, and it’s a chilly time of year to be in the elements all day, but we had a great time!

Since Jenny was doing the transport, we got to learn a bit about the judges, and man!  if you ever need a bronze sculpture, contact Jim Kermott!  He is uber talented:  Jim’s work is beautiful.  In fact, Jenny was able to see his work live at the home of his friends where she dropped him off to stay.  His sculptures are absolutely stunning.  An extremely talented artist.

A great week seeing friends from around the country and watching all their hard training come together at an absolutely breath-taking location was pretty special.  So glad we were able to attend, and hopefully we will be able to witness another one soon!

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