Visitors for Renata

This past week, Rita (Founder/CEO Colorado/Wyoming Vizsla Rescue Group, Inc.) gave our contact information to the couple who found Renata as they wanted to check in on her.  Rena and Marc touched base and planned on a visit for today.  We were so excited that Renata was going to have visitors, but we also really wanted to meet the good samaritans that saved her.

Rena and Cory stopped by this afternoon and they couldn’t stop commenting on her great temperament.  In fairness, she was in a lot of pain when they found her (the Vet thinks she had suffered her break a week before they found her) so she was not her happy self.  They were also impressed with the progress she has made with her injury.  She is just starting to put the smallest amount of weight on her leg, whereas when they found her she wasn’t putting any weight on it and her leg just seemed to be dangling.  Poor girl!  But there is good news, and their faces lit up when Marc shared that the Veterinarian expects her to make a full recovery!

Then it was their turn to share the good news — they have now raised almost $1,100 towards Renata’s medical bills!  They have been amazed at the dog-lovers out there who they aren’t even directly friends with that have chosen to donate funds.  It’s so nice to be a part of such a fantastic story, and Renata deserves all the happiness and care coming her way!

It was such a pleasure to meet Rena and Cory, and we know that getting to see Renata’s progress in just a week totally made their weekend!  Can’t say Renata is complaining about all the lovin’ and attention either 🙂

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