Brandi is approved for adoption!

We received great news!  Our little Boo has been approved for adoption!  Her potential new family actually saw her story here on our website, and couldn’t believe anyone would treat a member of their family that way.  And yes, that is how they view dogs — a member of the family.  They shared a heartbreaking story of how they lost their own Vizsla to cancer and even sent a copy of their professional family photo with their sweet-grey faced boy posed with them.  Not going to lie, it made Jenny cry and it made Marc decide no one was getting Brandi but this family.

But — that decision wasn’t up to us.  The potential new family would need to fill out the paperwork, pass a home visit, and get approved after a personal interview — and after all that, it would have to be deemed that Brandi was a good fit for their home.  We kept our fingers crossed and got the great news that all the above actually happened!

Unfortunatly, Brandi’s new family has a vacation scheduled, so they will not be able to take her home for another week.  However, they are so excited (as are we!!) they are going to come over at some point this weekend to meet her!  Hopefully, the introduction will go well (she needs to meet their dogs too) and everything will still be in order for Brandi to go home with them in a week or so.