CH Halo + Karma MX = We love Nebraska!

We love Nebraska!  I tried to go back and look at how many times we have described a “perfect weekend” or “amazing weekend” or the “best day ever.”  It’s obvious that we have had a pretty amazing year so far…but there has to be room for one more perfect, amazing, best-weekend-ever-post!  If so, this weekend fits the bill — in fact so perfect that we are splitting it into two posts!

We are right in the middle of a hot n heavy agility run.  We have agility for 6 weeks in a row.  Seriously.  This weekend we had three options:  Grand Junction, Casper, and Lincoln, NE.  Lincoln was the only trial that ALSO had obedience, rally, coursing, hunting tests, AND conformation…guess which one we chose 😉  And while Jenny might come up with some crazy schemes she did manage to limit herself to ONLY agility and conformation, even though our dogs do enjoy all of the above.  Priorities people.

Making the trip with us was Sarah Wintrone, Halo’s handler, and her Vizsla, William.  Yep, two girls and four Vs…still can’t figure out why Marc and Schmav opted to stay home and paint the house…

We headed out last night and pulled into Lincoln just in time to catch a few hours of sleep before the weekend.  We also managed to get there JUST in time for a tornado warning.  Luckily, the twister touched down just Southwest of Lincoln and no one was injured…crazy coverage of the damage though…not gonna lie, it was a little hard to fall asleep.

Today was an early morning as we had to set up our crate area, get checked in for conformation, and walk our agility course.  Since Halo was still in the classes, Karma was not only entered in agility, but conformation too.  We kicked off at 8:00 am with Karma’s T2B run where she had several bobbles (totally sleep-deprived-Jenny’s fault) which cost us a lot of time so we only picked up 4 points.  Then it was straight over to the Jumpers ring.  Karma popped a weave, so NQ there, but she ran super fast, so no complaints!

Karma’s T2B run:

Jenny literally ran out of the ring, took off Karma’s harness, and threw on her show lead.  Then we booked it over to the conformation building just in time to watch the end of the Open bitch class.  As Jenny tried to catch her breath, Sarah let her know that Halo had won the 12 -18 class, then headed in the ring for Winners.  Halo is a little rockstar and loves showing for Sarah…literally turns into a different dog!  She held a perfect stack, flaunted that floating movement, and got the nod from James Reynolds for Winners and a 3 point major.  That was all she needed…she is now CHAMPION Halo 🙂

Since Halo finished and the class dog needed the cross over, Jenny took Halo back in for Breed and had Sarah take Karma instead.  Indy was being handled by Tina Secord, so it was pretty funny trying to handle Halo with Indy, Karma, and Sarah in the ring.  When the final placements were handed out, Indy went SD for 1 GCH point and Karma went SB for a 3 point GCH major!  Woo-hoo, ribbons for all our kids 🙂

However, there was no time to celebrate…Karma still had to run standard.  Jenny and Karma headed back for our standard run and managed to Q with 18 points!  That Q was also our 10th standard qualify in the master class, so it finished off Karma’s MX title.  TWO titles in one day!

Karma’s MX Title Run:

After Karma’s run we took all four of the Vizslas to a dog park suggested by one of the agility peeps.  It was great, huge, open, and fenced.  With the tornado last night, Lincoln was hit with a crazy rainstorm (very reminiscent of our recent Colorado flooding) and there was a huge puddle that had formed in a little gully.  Sarah pointed it out and we changed our trajectory ever so slightly so Halo and William wouldn’t notice the water.  Feeling super smart that we avoided a huge splash-fest, we looked back to the right and saw Halo and William BOOKING it down a hill.  Guess what they found?  A River.  Thru the dog park.  They thought it was amazing and we thought about having to bathe four Vizslas before the show tomorrow 🙂  However, Halo did finish her Championship today, so that meant she got to celebrate however she damn well pleased…and swimming it was!  We threw a bunch of sticks for them to fetch and watched them glide through the river.  Have to say, it was a pretty perfect way to celebrate — they were so happy!

We loaded up and headed out in search of doggy shampoo and towels, then headed back to the  hotel and got everyone all cleaned up.  Sarah has done a ton of research on essential oils and brought along her diffuser.  She filled it with a lovely lavendar blend, we gave the puppies bully sticks, and put on a movie for them to watch while we headed out to dinner.  Before we had left the hotel room, William, Indy, and Karma were bundled up together on the bed 🙂

Halo came along (she is not yet trusted alone in hotel rooms) and we headed to Fireworks to celebrate with Jill.  Jill’s boy Benelli went WD/BOW to finish his Championship today too!  Fireworks was awesome…the perfect end to a perfect day.

After finishing Halo’s CH and Karma’s MX, here is our updated goal list.  Adding in T2B and Halo’s GCH!:

-Karma’s MXJ & MX title — DONE!
-Novice Fast title on Gunner & Karma — DONE!
-Gunner’s OA & AXJ titles — DONE!
-Get Halo’s majors — DONE!
-Companion Dog on Indy — DONE!
-Versatility Certificate on Indy — DONE!
-Beginner Novice on Gunner — DONE!
-Get Halo’s Championship — DONE!
-Rally Novice on Halo
-Rally Excellent on Karma
-Companion Dog on Gunner
-Junior Hunter on Halo
-Senior Hunter on Gunner & Karma
-Versatile Certificate on Gunner
-Grand Championship on Indy & Halo
-Gunner’s AX title
-Get Karma qualified for AKC Agility Nationals
-Get Karma’s T2B title

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