Cheeky checks out Nebraska

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Haul from the weekend! 2 Reserves and a Best Bred By!

If you’ve been following along, you know we’ve been hitting up some of the smaller shows to get Cheeky some good ring experience before the craziness that is Vizslas Nationals. This weekend in Scottsbluff was one we were really looking forward to as we saw Sid & Shelley Marx on the panel. They have an amazing reputation with puppies, so we did not want to miss this opportunity. However, Jenny was going to be working in Glenwood Springs on Thursday, so to get from Glenwood to Scottsbluff on Thursday (Shelley was slated for Friday) was going to be a HAUL. To our surprise, there was a judging change on Friday, so we ended up pulling on Friday and saving the drive for Friday.

Since we pulled on Friday, we also didn’t need the hotel stay on Thursday night, however, the hotel we were staying at wouldn’t let us cancel just one night. This was terrible, because all the other hotels that allowed dogs were booked! Because Jenny travels so much, she has some serious hotel status and begged the manager of one of the non-dog hotels to let us stay. And it worked!! The bonus was that this was a much nicer hotel, so Cheeky and Jenny were feeling very spoiled after unloading on Friday night.

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Erica/Sole, Leah/Poppy, & Jenny/Cheeky

Saturday was everything we hoped for and more. Cheeky had some amazing ring experience thanks to Sid Marx…(seriously, take him your puppy entries!!) and walked with a Reserve win to our friend Erica and her girl, Sole. In the breed ring Erica & Sole picked up Best of Winners and Leah and Poppy took Best of Opposite and Best Owner Handler honors! We killed some time at the show grounds and then cheering on Leah and Poppy in the group ring. Then it was back to the hotels to change and then we found a huge open field so the girls could burn off some major zoomies! Cheeky had a ton of fun trying to keep up with the big girls.

After the run, we met up with the other Vizsla peeps and some of our other show friends Mary (who helped make Cheeky — she did one of Kai & Halo’s breedings with Marc) and Andi at the Mexican spot in town and toasted our big wins over some big margaritas!

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Enjoying some fetch before we head home!

Today Cheeky was entered in the Bred By class since they were doing a best Bred By competition, and she won! She also managed another Reserve win too! What a good pumpkin! After breed, we headed over to a park to burn some steam and the clock until the Bred By group. Unfortunately, the Sporting group ended up getting slated late, so Jenny couldn’t stay. Cheeky is staying with Hilary & Tyler this week while Jenny is at a meeting, and we had a rendezvous time to meet! It was another great weekend getting to see so many friends, fun dinners, and the ringside catchup time. Special thanks to everyone that allowed Cheeky to jump/climb all over you and steal away all your treats!! She LOVED getting to make new friends ❤️

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