Cheeky is a road warrior!

She survived last night’s blizzard and was a total trooper.  No accidents in the condo, just sat in front of the door whenever she needed to go out.  Then she hustled out and did her business even though we had about 14 inches of snow fall throughout the night!  She is the best puppy.

This morning, Jenny was almost late to her lunch appointment because she didn’t budget extra time in her morning to dry off a puppy and a condo. Cheeky thought jumping in the shower was great fun, so much so that she did it 5 times 🤦🏻‍♀️. Need a crate in Vail, stat.

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When we finally got on the road, we made a stop in Edwards to see some of her friends from her first roadtrip a few weeks ago.  Then it was off to Delta, CO for Jenny’s lunch appointment.  Luckily, there was time before the lunch to walk and potty Cheeky before popping her back in her car crate.  Of course, everyone in Delta wanted to come meet Cheeky, and she was happy to make a bunch of new friends.  After lunch, we headed to Montrose, Colorado.

Arriving early, we found the cutest dog store and bought some treats, chews, and the cutest reindeer sweater!  Then, Jenny popped into work and afterwards, we found a nice little park (photo above is of her in the park) to run around near our hotel.  Jenny grabbed dinner to go and ordered a cheese plate so Cheeky would have some high value treats to train with.  She was a total trooper in the hotel room, no barking, no accidents, and happy to train and cuddle.  The funniest part was her posing in the hotel’s mirror.  It was SO super cute!!  And a shout out to the Hampton Inn & Suites in Montrose, CO that doesn’t charge a pet fee!

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For Day 3 on the road, we stopped at Starbucks and grabbed breakfast and a coffee and headed out on a nice morning stroll.  Cheeky is such a little Champ, walking around confidently at each new place we explore.  After our morning walk, we headed over to Gunnison, CO.  There is a huge park near the hospital, so we took a few turns around it in Cheeky’s new reindeer sweater.  It was cold and windy, but the sweater seemed to keep her warm enough.  The park had a huge playground which Cheeky loved exploring.  She really liked going down the slide!  It was pretty cute and her problem solving the playground equipment was great mental stimulation.

After Jenny’s working lunch we headed home to Denver.  The last potty break we made was at the top of Monarch Pass at the continental divide.  Our cute little reindeer was quite a trooper for her first big roadtrip!

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