QQ followed by a blizzard!

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Karma may not have enjoyed her week with Maggie as much as we have, but we have LOVED having our little muffin back!  This week, Byron and Catherine are in Arizona, and we heard Catherine and Cotton had an awesome Cynosport National!  They even made it to semifinals in Steeplechase!  We have loved getting their updates, and while we know they miss their Maggie, it’s nice to be able to care for her so they can focus on their event.  Maggie has been a little angel.  She is nicely crate trained and so eager to train.  This week we both worked with both girls on some of their tricks, and can we just say how cute they do a down?!  They slam down and then look up at you like, “where’s my cookie?!”  It’s so adorable.

This weekend, Karma had agility, and the girls came along to soak up some socialization.  They are such a hit!  Everyone wants to hold them, and who can blame them?  Karma picked up a STD Q, a JWW Q, and then a QQ!  All of her qualifying runs were also good for placement ribbons!  She is such a rockstar 🙂 We actually are finishing the qualifying period so close to having Karma qualify for Nationals!  Unfortunately, we are headed to Hawaii in a couple weeks, so we will not have any more trial days during the qualifying period, but it has been amazing to have Karma already so far on her PACH journey after just moving down a few trials ago!

After our QQ today, we were sitting around chatting with friends, and Steve said, “I’m surprised you aren’t in Vail, the mountains are getting pounded.”  Huh? Snow? This week we had Cheeky’s first solo road trip planned!  Jenny has never packed up her agility set up so fast!

As soon as she and Karma got home, Marc went on packing duty while Jenny showered off the horse arena.  Then we loaded up the car and Cheeky, and Jenny and Cheeky set out on their Western Slope adventure.  By the time they reached Frisco, snow was coming DOWN.  A quick stop for groceries at Whole Foods and then gas, and then it was back on the road.  The trip up/down Vail Pass was treacherous.  Cars spun out, slick conditions, and unrelenting snow fall.  Jenny was driving SLOW and they made it to the condo safe and sound.  But, as they exited, it became evident that Vail Pass had been closed!  Luckily, we have resident passes and were able to flash them to the police officers to gain access to our condo!

Now to make some soup and enjoy the rest of our Sunday in the snow!

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Cheeky not seeming to mind the blizzard conditions!  You can tell from the snow accumulated on the table that at least 4 inches have come down!



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