Cheeky sniffs out Iowa

Since someone hasn’t come in season, **ahem Cheeky**, we’ve been able to do all the crazy out of town trials Jenny signed up for. A couple weeks ago we went to Santa Fe and this weekend we headed to Iowa.

Cheeky loving our accommodations.

Iowa is a little misleading…the trial was super close to Omaha, so we were able to stay at the Cottonwood Hotel that we discovered when we came out in December!

The trial site was pretty cool. An obedience school with several buildings to search. The exterior areas were full of grass!! Super stressful as Cheeky is a marker. However, happy to report Cheeky had no indiscretions on the grass! Instead she alerted on a chair cushion with a tug toy hidden underneath it, lol!

Cheeky exploring downtown Omaha
Getting in some exercise at our favorite spot…Chalco Hills Recreation Area.

But she wasn’t totally naughty…Cheeky picked up 2 Master Container legs and a Master Buried leg! Her two least favorite subjects!! Super proud of our monkey! She did a great job inspite of some crazy thunderstorms that threw a lot of dogs off their game. Can’t wait until the next trial!

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