Scent Work Excellent Cheeky!

We did it!! Cheeky and Jenny headed down to Santa Fe with the hopes of finishing Cheeky’s overall Scent Work Excellent title. Happy to report that not only did they pick up her last Excellent Container leg, but they also earned two Master Interior legs! Master Interior is really a large jump from Excellent with 3 different rooms, unknown number of hides, and the possibility of a blank room. Saturday’s was especially tricky as the first room was very large and turned out to be blank!! Such a mind game!

Cheeky posing at the dog park!

Huge thanks to the club and judges for running an efficient and fun event! We took advantage of the trip and got in some exercise at the Frank Ortiz Dog Park. It’s a huge park where you can easily avoid other people. Jenny was also able to grab some Northern New Mexican dinner with her Uncle Barney.

Overall, a fantastic weekend and we will be floating back to Denver! Cheeky’s new fancy name ~ CH Kizmar 5280 Someone’s Halo Slipped JH NF ACT1 ACT2J SWE SHDE RATN TKA NA-Pz1

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