Cheeky’s first Best of Opposite!

Big day! Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite, and Best of Breed Owner Handler!

Well, we are on the way! Yesterday after work, Jenny and her friend, Ginger, headed out towards Vizsla Nationals in Wisconsin. First stop was York, Nebraska, which is just about half an hour from Seward, Nebraska. Since Nationals always falls on the same weekend, we’ve hit this show before and it’s one of our favorites.

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Ginger & Jenny hitting the road!

Our hotel room in York at the Holiday Inn Express was awesome! They hooked us up with a nice big room and we were able to practice recalls in the room! We’ve stayed in Seward before, but this was a much nicer hotel and only a quick 30 minutes from the show site. And best of all, there was a Starbucks right next door!

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This morning, we were up in obedience first. Karma was entered in Novice B to warm up a bit before Nationals. Things were looking great until the heel off leash when she decided she would just stay in her sit-stay! Still, really happy with her on leash heel, figure eight, and stand for exam. Then we hoofed it over to the conformation ring. Karma was entered in Best of Breed to try and build points for Cheeky if needed, but it turned out there was a pretty good entry anyway! Cheeky and Jenny managed to go Winners Bitch, so Ginger kindly went on Karma for breed. And after all the exams, Judge Dana Cline moved Cheeky up behind the dog special and sent us around together. Cheeky ended up going Best of Opposite and Best of Breed Owner Handler!

After the show we finished up the drive to Madison, Wisconsin, for the Vizsla Club of America’s all breed agility trial tomorrow. We happened to arrive just in time to grab dinner and drinks with our friends Carol & Jamie and their Vs. Luckily, Madison is super dog friendly and all the pups were able to join us down at the hotel bar! Looking forward to a fun week ahead!

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