Halo on the front page

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That’s Halo as the homepage Super Model!

A couple years ago, Halo was asked to do a photo shoot for a local company that imports Himalayan yak chews. Her payment for modeling? Yak chews of course!

They have been an awesome chew treat for Cheeky as she is losing ALL her teeth right now it seems! This teething business is crazy! Since she has been nonstop chewing, we needed to refill our yak chew supply, and when we went to re-order — we saw Baby Hay on the homepage!! A very nice surprise. 🙂

Pro Tip — when the chew gets down to a couple inches, we pop it in the microwave and it turns into a huge cheese puff! It’s been Cheeky’s favorite treat! If you need some for your pups: https://www.peaksnpaws.com

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