Halo gets to 13!

Phew!  Marathon weekend is over!  Our club, the Mile High Sporting Dog Fanciers, hosted our annual group show this weekend, which meant we were on the hook for some heavy lifting!  However, the show went great and we got a bunch of compliments on our trophies and rosettes (which Jenny was in charge of) so that makes all the hard work very rewarding.

Marc has decided to retire from the show ring as it was pretty apparent that Halo would do even better with someone who enjoys the ring.  (You can choose to read that as:  Marc hates showing.)  So after putting 11 points and both majors on, he handed over the lead to Sarah Wintrone to finish out Halo’s Champion quest.  We have been taking drop-in lessons from Sarah for a couple months, and Halo and Sarah kinda had a love at first sight thing.  The first time we walked into class, both she and her fiance got so excited they stopped class and came over to meet and greet.  Sarah’s breed is also Vizslas and she has two rescue boys at home.  We really think that says a lot about her…not too many handlers have rescues in their home 🙂  Being a Vizsla person, she totally gets the breed and has been amazing with Halo since day one.  Handing Halo over was a natural fit and one we are really excited about!

We were not disappointed.  Every day, we walked away saying that Halo looked the best she ever has with Sarah.  And they even managed to win one day and picked up reserve another!  Halo was the only female competing this weekend that hasn’t had a heat cycle and she just looks a bit less developed than the older girls.  With her win at the MHSDF show she picked up two more points towards her Championship AND she won a YELLOW lead!  The lead was sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club (thanks RMVC!) and we just love that it is in her signature color 🙂

So yay, Baby Hay!  13 points down and just a couple singles left to close out that Championship!  🙂

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