Happy 14th Schmavitz!

Image may contain: dog, outdoor and nature
Schmavitz as photographed by our talented friend, Alison.

Our littlest family member is 14 today! He has done it all — lived with Jenny when she was fresh out of college and had her first house. Jenny sold that house 3 years ago to buy the Vail property. Marc was the first boyfriend that Schmavitz immediately liked. He was BEST buds with Indy. He helped raise Karma, Halo, and the Baby Halos. He now can’t stand Cheeky, lol! He sees her and just starts growling; she ignores him and cuddles up — it’s pretty hysterical!

Schmavitz recently got a clean bill of health from our vet, Dr. Kelly. Hopefully, he is around for many more years to come and will help us raise several more litters of Vizsla puppies. We just love our little muffin!

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