Planning a breeding!

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It’s almost as if she was waiting for Indy.  We had planned to breed Halo last summer and she never had a heat cycle, or she had a silent one.  In retrospect, if we had bred her last year, we would have spent a lot of time focused on a new puppy, and not had the extra attention to cater to Indy’s every last need.  Not to mention the extra attention that goes into raising the litter!  But instead we had time to really revel in Indy’s last year; laughing at his antics, keeping him comfortable, and really taking time to enjoy every moment.

And now, we’ve had more time to cope with the loss of Indy, and really be excited about today, because Halo started her heat today!!  This is a very big day at our house and we are so excited for what is to come!  Years ago, we had planned to breed Halo to an up-and-coming Vizsla.  However, he was at bird camp and hadn’t had his health testing done.  Since that time, we’ve just kinda paid attention to Halo.  And she is L-O-V-E in with a dog named Kai.  We can be out hunting with 7 intact males and she only flirts with him, only wants to hunt in a partnership with him, and it’s as if the rest of the crew isn’t even there.  It also turns out he is a Best in Specialty Show winner, a Master Hunter, and even took Select Dog at Westminster.  Most importantly, he is the son of Karma’s dad, Tok!  We absolutely loved Tok’s temperament and were so pleased when he passed it on to Karma.  The fact that Halo picked one of Karma’s half-brothers as the love of her life, is pretty perfect for us!  Kai also lives in Colorado, so we will be able to hopefully try for a live breeding.  Lots to come, but for now we are working with a reproductive veterinary specialist, Dr. Milan Hess, to make sure we time this breeding perfectly!

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