Scent Work Clinic

It’s no secret that Jenny has really caught the Scent Work bug with Cheeky. You’ll also remember she traveled to Nebraska in December and has plans for Topeka in a few weeks. Not that all these road trips aren’t fun, but some trials closer to home would be great! And when Jenny sees a gap, she works to fix it!

Answering questions and keeping Cheeky entertained.

So, Jenny decided our local Vizsla club (The Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club) should get a license to hold trials. As part of the application and also too try and increase awareness of the sport (and hopefully get a few people hooked so they can help on the trial committee) Jenny wanted to hold an Introduction to Scent Work Clinic. The RMVC Board was enthusiastic about the idea, so we got to work! You can read about our great day here:

Typical Cheeky — doing tricks and “asking” where her treat is!

The day was a blast, and Cheeky had a great time being a demo dog. But, probably even more fun was having Maggie join in! Catherine has started both Maggie and Cotton in a beginning class, and getting to watch her use her baby skill set was awesome! She’s definitely going to be as good at this sport as Cheeky is, and Catherine and Byron seem to be enjoying the game too!

Maggie self rewarding on the buried hide.

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