Taking Garden City by storm!

Wow!  What an absolutely amazing weekend!  This time of year is a little slow for agility, so Jenny had been checking out surrounding states to see if there would be an opportunity to run Karma somewhere decently close.  And there was!  Garden City, Kansas is about a five hour drive from Denver, AND they were holding a 3-day trial!  But to make the weekend even better, there would be conformation too, meaning Halo could make her debut in the ring!

We decided to enter Indy and Karma in conformation too…that way if we were the only Vizslas there, maybe Halo could beat Karma for some points.  Turns out we didn’t need to — there were several other Vs that would be there!  Yay!

This weekend provided some great ring and show environment experience for Halo.  It’s a smaller show with just 5 rings.  The grooming area takes up the other half of the room, so all that noise and commotion made for some great socializing opportunities.  We also figured out the Halo does much better if she gets to go for a long off leash run before she hits the ring.  The only day we were able to do this was Saturday and it definitely showed…she managed to keep all four feet on the ground 🙂

Marc did a great job showing the girls!  He and Halo went Reserve on Friday and Sunday, and on Saturday they went Winners for Halo’s first point!  Thank you Paula Hartinger for this very exciting win!  Marc also handled Karma to a Select win everyday!  (Jenny went on Halo the day she went Winners.)  Karma’s 3 wins take her to 9 GCH points.  Karma is probably done showing for the year, but I guess you never know!

Trent Wilkinson who handled Indy for us down in Lubbock was there and he handled Indy to a Select win on Friday and Best of Opposite on Saturday and Sunday.  These wins take Indy to 12 GCH points — almost halfway there!

Over in agility Karma managed to pick up her final leg needed for her Novice Fast title and she did it with 1st place!  A goal off the list!  She also got her 6th T2B leg and an MXJ qualify.  No double q’s this weekend — Jenny’s handling was a bit off — see what happens when we can’t trial consistently?!  Still a great weekend and this is the first time Karma has really started striding for weaves, in fact, we even got an off-course because Karma was so excited to go get those weavas!!

Karma’s T2B Q: http://youtu.be/c0BPhbmR_os

Karma’s JWW Q: http://youtu.be/ejIDklu6JrA

It was an absolutely wonderful weekend!!  There was a huge blizzard that hit Denver while we were gone — I-70 even closed!  But we took a detour and made it back at a decent hour, seriously, nothing was going to bring us down from our Garden City high!

Our updated goal list:

-Karma’s MXJ title — DONE!
-Novice Fast title on Gunner & Karma — DONE!

-Rally Novice on Halo
-Rally Excellent on Karma
-Companion Dog on Gunner & Indy
-Junior Hunter on Halo
-Senior Hunter on Gunner & Karma
-Versatile Certificate on Gunner & Indy
-Grand Championship on Indy
-Get Halo major pointed
-Gunner’s OA, AXJ, and AX titles
-Karma’s MX title
-Get Karma qualified for AKC Agility Nationals

*We also have a few stretch goals we are keeping to ourselves for now 🙂

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