Karma earns her RATN

Back during CKC weekend, Jenny entered Karma in a Barn Hunt run to kill some time between agility runs. Karma found the rat right away, and seemed to really like critter hunting, so we decided to try and finish her title. She picked up her second leg along with a High in Trial back in March, so that left us with just one leg left!

We are lucky in Colorado to have a couple different Barn Hunt organizations and trials at least once a month. Today there was a trial, and the Novice runs wouldn’t start until after 5! This was a perfect way to end a Monday if you ask us!

Karma entered the ring, went straight through the tunnel and then indicated very strong on a tube. Jenny asked her to climb onto the bale and Karma about did a handstand to keep indicating the tube. A, “Rat!” call from Jenny and we had our third and final Q!

Karma thinks this is a pretty fab game for a retired Master Hunter, so we’ll move her up to Open and keep going!

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